Alaska Ghost Glacier Mystery by Andy Adams


The sixth book in the Biff Brewster Mystery Adventure series.


The sixth book in the Biff Brewster Mystery Adventure series.

Biff Brewster has learned from hard experience to expect the unexpected, and even before he sets foot on Alaskan soil, he is tingling with anticipation.
Biff has come to fabulous Alaska with his mining engineer father, who is on assignment for the United States Government. Mr. Brewster has brought with him lour mysterious boxes, each containing a single item of vital importance to American scientists. Delivery must not be delayed.
But “delivery” in Alaska is a word full of hidden danger-Biff and his father must transport the boxes by air and place their lives in the hands of the bush pilot who flies them across the most treacherous terrain known to man.
But Biff has implicit faith in the pilot, and in Tish, a friendly Eskimo boy. When a fierce squall forces them to land on a 75-foot thickness of ice, they have only their two feet to carry them across vast Ghost Glacier to a mine in the ice.
What immensely valuable commodity forces the Brewsters to face a glacier split by hidden crevasses and swept by biting cold winds? Radioactive ore! Is it legend or fact that leads America’s top engineers to Ghost Glacier in search of the precious ore? And if radioactive ore is present, can Biff and his father expect sabotage?
Biff Brewster thrills to spine-tingling adventure and excitement in modern Alaska – and you’ll find plenty of both in all the Biff Brewster Mystery Adventures.


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