Ashes of Empire by Robert W. Chambers


Second of the trilogy: “Lorraine,” “Ashes of empire,” “The red republic.”


Second of the trilogy: “Lorraine,” “Ashes of empire,” “The red republic.”

One of four romance novels by Chambers focusing on the Franco-Prussian War. In this book a group of dashing young Americans help Empress Eugenie escape from Paris.

Author’s preface:
The author’s intention was to write a series of three novels covering the period of the Franco-Prussian war and the Commune. The last of the series, “The Red Republic,” was written first; the first of the series, “Lorraine,” was next written. The present volume, “Ashes of Empire,” is the middle volume of the triad, dealing with the period of the siege of Paris from the disaster at Sedan to the surrender of the city. As “Lorraine” began with the first rumours and then the declaration of war, and, foreshadowing the siege of Paris, ended with Sedan, so the present volume foreshadows the communistic outbreak that was certain to follow the surrender of the city, and ends just as the red rag of revolt is hoisted over the war-sick capital.
A fourth volume, dealing with the southern invasion of France, co-eval with the siege, and concerning the operations of the famous Army of the Loire, will be added to the series at a later date, thus completing the entire period between June, 1870, and May, 1871.


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