Black Magic by Marjorie Bowen


A Tale of the Rise and Fall of the Antichrist. A gothic horror novel about a medieval witch.


Black Magic – A Tale of the Rise and Fall of the Antichrist.

Black magic there is indeed. A gothic horror novel about a medieval witch.

Dodgy students, women, sorcery, mayhem and murder. Throw in some priets, Rome and satanic types aspiring to the papacy, and you have a pretty solid book.

Dirk and Thierry are drawn deeper and deeper into darkness. Their dalliance with black magic grows into murder, corruption and worse.

Black Magic set in the Middle Ages, but a specific time frame therein not really specified. All of the characters of the novel are fictitious including the Popes & Emperors. But for all that, the writer paints a picture of 2 youths who are bound together, one of whom, Dirk Renswoude, has sworn allegiance to the Devil in return for worldly power, wealth & glory. The plot revolves how he and his sometime companion and friend, Theirry, go about getting it, using black magic. With Satan helping them, what could go wrong?

Demons! Spells! Satanic rituals! Ultra-Gothic atmosphere! Papal corruption! Violent thunderstorms! Love triangles! Ghosts and witches! Medieval opulence! Gruesome violence! Good vs. evil! Comets! THE ANTICHRIST!

Very good plot and well developed characters. The ‘secret’ really well done! Holds the interest of the reader even after more than a century…


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