Brain by S. Fowler Wright


Short Story by S. Fowler Wright.


Brain — Short Story by S. Fowler Wright.

The story of an attempt to seize power in a technocratic future by a scientist armed with various brain-controlling drugs. The similarly anticipates – albeit in lurid fashion – modern concerns regarding the advancement of psychotropic chemistry.

Sydney Fowler Wright (6 January 1874 – 25 February 1965) was a British editor, poet, science fiction author. And writer of screenplays, mystery fiction and works in other genres. As well as being an accountant and a conservative political activist. He also wrote as Sydney Fowler and Anthony Wingrave.

Professor Brisket, President of the first Scientist government, sat in his new Studio of Contemplation, one morning in the early spring of 1990, considering the possibilities of the unprecedented power which the advance of knowledge, and the events of the last year, had placed in his somewhat bony hands.
It was six months since the suppression of the rebellion of 1989, in which the last traditions of barbarism had gone down, drowned in the blood of millions.
It was a crisis which had been inevitable for fifty years, though there were few who had foreseen, even a year ago, how near it was, and how decisive it must be.


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