Clancy, Detective by H. Bedford-Jones


“Clancy, Detective” was originally published in “Blue Book” magazine. The title character is one of the most interesting detectives since Sherlock Holmes, and the story is sure to please everyone who likes Sherlockian detectives with extraordinary deductive abilities.


Half a second more, and the truck would have backed the little old man out of existence. It was one of those traffic jams for which Paris is famous, at the corner of the narrow Rue Caumartin. Caught between two lines of taxicabs, oblivious of the truck coming at him from behind, with everybody vociferously shouting at everybody else, the old chap stood bewildered and hesitant, or so I thought.

Consequently, I made a grab for him, rushed him under the nose of a taxi, and literally carried him to the sidewalk. There, to my surprise, he turned on me savagely with a flood of French.


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