Contraband of War by M. P. Shiel


A Tale Of The Hispano-American Struggle.


Contraband of War – A Tale Of The Hispano-American Struggle.

Contraband of War – A novel by M. P. Shiel.

Matthew Phipps Shiel (1865–1947) – a prolific British writer of West Indian descent.

M. P. Shiel is remembered mostly for supernatural and scientific romances. His work published as serials, novels, and as short stories. The Purple Cloud (1901) remains his most famous and often reprinted novel.

When he put his left hand behind his back, and cocked out his thick, short right leg at Wall Street, with the intention of sending the biddings up, and by hook or by crook of ‘ getting there,’ you saw solidity. He a sort of monument in flesh, conveying a tremendous suggestion of heaviness. Dick did not look like a man, he like a Brobdingnagian paperweight. His right leg not really short, as we have said; he was, in reality, a tall man, only he looked squat in proportion.
His two jaws seemed to hang on his shoulders.
In addition, he carried a broad, thick beard, and above his superfluously large body a small bullet-head, flat behind, of which the hair always cut as short as a convict’s.
His face not an ugly one ; it was only a distinctly vulgar one, like everything else about the man.


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