Crossed Swords by Mrs. Clement Alloway


Historical novel about the American Revolutionary war.


Crossed Swords – Historical novel about the American Revolutionary war.

Crossed Swords set during the 1775 attack on Quebec by American forces. Richard Montgomery and Benedict Arnold led the American forces. This forces successfully repulsed by the British garrison under the command of Guy Carleton.

This tale of love and valor woven around an episode of international history. The fifth siege of Quebec by the Continental troops, under General Richard Montgomery, during the war of the American Revolution. No event chronicled in the annals of the Republic or of the Dominion surpasses it in romantic interest and picturesqueness of detail. For daring, courage and endurance of hardship, few adventures equal that midwinter attack on what was then an impregnable stronghold.

The swords forming the cover design of this volume are reproductions of two of the identical weapons which figured in that notable assault. The one on the left carried by Sir Guy Carleton, the commander of the Canadian forces. The other by an officer under Colonel Benedict Arnold’s command.

The two rusty and trusty old blades lie peacefully in the picture gallery of the Chateau de Ramezay in Montreal. We hope that after a century of peace, the occasion may never arise when the two nations they represent will again cross swords.


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