Cursed Be the City by Henry Kuttner


The Tale of Sakhmet the Damned.


Cursed City – The Tale of Sakhmet the Damned.

Cursed City—the tale of King. The royal banners upon the tall towers of Chaldean. Before the Winged Pharaohs reigned in secret Aegyptus, there were mighty empires far to the east.

The vast desert known as the Cradle of Mankind—aye. There in desert the heart of the measureless Gobi—great wars were fought. The high palaces thrust their minarets up to the purple Asian sky. But this, O King, was long ago, beyond the memory of the oldest sage. The splendor of Imperial Gobi lives now only in the dreams of minstrels and poets.

The story opens with the fall of Sardopolis, the capital of the country of Gobi. The king killed by the conqueror Cyaxeres. The king’s son Prince Raynor to be tortured in the dungeo.  Cyaxares has a companion and adviser, Necho, who may not be human.  Raynor rescued by his Nubian friend and servant Eblik.  Together they make their way to the temple of Ahmet.

There a dying priest tells them that when Sardopolis founded, a great forest god displaced. But it was prophesied that he would one day return to set up his altar again in the ruins of Sardopolis.  That day is at hand. Raynor and Eblik given the task of going to a group of bandits led by the Reaver of the Rock. He informing them of the fall of Sardopolis.  They’ve been waiting for generations for the old god to return.

Cyaxares’ men follow them.  The Reaver and his men stay to fight.  Raynor and Eblik, guided by the Reaver’s daughter Delphia, a formidable fighter in her own right, take a talisman to free the forest god.  Most readers will recognize the name of the forest god.


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