The Devil In Iron by Robert E. Howard


The plot concerns the resurrection of a mythical demon due to the theft of a sacred dagger, and an unrelated trap. She is lures Conan to the island fortress roamed by the demon.


Devil – Iron — The resurrection of a mythical demon due to the theft of a sacred dagger.

Devil – Iron — The Ancient Demon “Khosatral Khel” awakened on the remote island due to the meddling of a greedy fisherman. Upon reawakening, Khel resurrects the ancient fortress which once dominated the island. He resurrects cyclopean walls, gigantic pythons, and long-dead citizens.

Conan — a leader of the Vilayet kozaks. Meanwhile, tricked by the villainous Turan governor Jehungir Agha into pursuing the lovely Octavia to the island of Xapur. Jehungir Agha plans for Conan to fall into a prepared trap on the island.

The unforeseen resurrection of the island demon and its ancient fortress, however, interrupts these plans.

When Conan arrives on Xapur. He must defeat the forces of the Agha led by Jelal Khan. A giant serpent as well, and the iron-fleshed monstrosity that is Khosatral Khel.

This novel first published in Weird Tales. The story republished in the collections Conan the Barbarian in Gnome Press (1954), and Conan the Wanderer in Lancer Books (1968). It has more recently been published in the collections The Conan Chronicles Volume 1 The People of the Black Circle (Gollancz, 2000) and Conan of Cimmeria: Volume One (Del Rey, 2003).


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