The Exile of Time by Ray Cummings


From somewhere out of Time come a swarm of Robots who inflict on New York the awful vengeance of the diabolical cripple Tugh.


Exile Time – A book in the Matter, Space and Time series.

Exile Time – A super-adventure on a canvas without boundaries.
A novel of adventure and wonder such as only the hand of a classic master of science-fiction could have written.

A girl kidnapped from the 1777. She was deluded or the victim of an incredible time-spanning plot. It turned out the strange man with a mechanical servant had kidnapped her. It became clear that a super-scientific plot was afoot that must reach far into the unknown cities of the future.

This is your average time travel damsel in distress, robots taking over the world story. A girl kidnapped from 1777 and it brought to 1935 by a big robot. They meet up with other guys and trying to take over New York in the year 2930.

From the pages of Astounding Stories comes this Ray Cummings tale of time and terror. When two men from 20th Century New York discover a Revolutionary War maiden in distress, they are led on an adventure from one end of time to the other, facing death rays, giant robots intent on the destruction of New York, and a strange, misshapened man from the future who is… The Exile of Time!


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