A Flash of Summer by Mrs. W.K. Clifford


The Story of a Simple Woman’s Life.
A marriage-problem novel.


Flash Summer – The Story of a Simple Woman’s Life.

Flash Summer – A marriage-problem novel by Mrs. W.K. Clifford, English novelist and journalist.

KATHERINE had married more than a year. The spring had come early and Easter was falling late: in a few days the short holidays would begin. The leaves had not spread themselves out yet, though the trees were covered with tender green. The streets were full of flower-sellers. There was blue in the sky and the sun was shining, the air was soft and warm. People loitered to look at the shops or lingered in the park. The carriages drove along quickly as if they were taking a message. The people looked as though they had been told a secret that was pleasant.

“I know what it is,” Katherine said to herself; “they feel as if the spring had touched their hearts, and they want to hurry away and make other people happy. I wish Edward”—But with the thought of him there came back the memory of his gibes and his mocking voice. “If I could only disappear out of his life,” she thought. “But I am like a prisoner at the end of a chain that lets me go out a little way, just so far, and never any farther.” She stopped, as she went along Oxford Street, at a flower-stall. There were bunches of daffodils with a few green blades in the centre. The bell-like single ones, and their tender firstness appealed to her.


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