The Garden of Fear by Robert E. Howard


‘The Garden of Fear’ is a story in the James Allison series and tells the tale of a Texan.


Garden – Fear — A story in the James Allison series and tells the tale of a Texan.

Garden – Fear recalls his past lives as ancient heroes, explores reincarnation, anthropology. Theology and evolution, through the quest of James Allison as Hunwulf, living a life that was once his own.

This early work by Robert E. Howard was originally published in 1934.

The stories of Robert E. Howard connect us to the past. Through the stories in this volume, Howard creates and disseminates his myths, his worldview.

These stories connects the reader’s personal beliefs with Howard’s written word. It is an odyssey of the mind.

Once I was Hunwulf, the Wanderer. I cannot explain my knowledge of this fact by any occult or esoteric means, nor shall I try. A man remembers his past life; I remember my past lives. Just as a normal individual recalls the shapes that were him in childhood, boyhood and youth, so I recall the shapes that have been James Allison in forgotten ages. Why this memory is mine I cannot say, any more than I can explain the myriad other phenomena of nature which daily confront me and every other mortal. But as I lie waiting for death to free me from my long disease, I see with a clear, sure sight the grand panorama of lives that trail out behind me. I see the men who have been me, and I see the beasts that have been me.


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