The Gates of Doom by Rafael Sabatini


Uncommon nautical adventure novel. Genoa is blockaded by Moslem galleys. Lord Andrea Doria come to free Genoa from the oppression of a foreign tyrant.


Gates Doom – Historical novel by Rafael Sabatini, set in the 16th century.

Gates Doom – Uncommon nautical adventure novel 16th Century. Genoa is blockaded by Moslem galleys. Lord Andrea Doria, The Lion of the Seas “has come to free Genoa from the oppression of a foreign tyrant”.

King James has full confidence in Lord Pauncefort. But there are problems with money. Pauncefort’s thoughts turn to various solutions. Will his friend, Captain Gaynor, be a help or a hindrance ?

Rafael Sabatini (29 April 1875 – 13 February 1950) was an Italian/English writer of novels of romance and adventure.

He best known for his worldwide bestsellers:

The Sea Hawk (1915), a tale of an Elizabethan Englishman among the pirates of the Barbary Coast.
Scaramouche (1921), a tale of the French Revolution in which a fugitive hides out in a commedia dell’arte troupe and later becomes a fencing master. Sabatini wrote a sequel ten years later: Scaramouche the Kingmaker (1931).
Captain Blood (a.k.a. The Odyssey of Captain Blood) (1922), in which the title character is admiral of a fleet of pirate ships. Sabatini wrote two additional Captain Blood books comprising short stories, but they are not sequels: The Chronicles of Captain Blood (a.k.a. Captain Blood Returns, 1931), and The Fortunes of Captain Blood (1936).
Bellarion the Fortunate (1926), about a cunning young man who finds himself immersed in the politics of fifteenth-century Italy.
Sabatini produced 31 novels, eight short story collections, six non-fiction books, numerous uncollected short stories, and several plays.


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