Marna’s Mutiny by Mrs. Hugh Fraser


Novel by Mrs. Hugh Fraser.
Author of “A Diplomatist’s Wife in Japan,” “Little Grey Sheep,” &c.


Marna’s Mutiny – Novel by Mrs. Hugh Fraser.

Marna’s Mutiny Excerpt:
“There is no use in saying anything more. I have quite made up my mind about it.”
When a woman says this, it means that she is prepared to discuss the matter from a liberal point of view and at great length; but it takes two to carry on a discussion, and this woman was alone, tiresomely and unjustly alone, she would have said, for the person who should have been her companion on this March evening had gone off, in the most disloyal way, to dine with her intimate enemy. Reprisals appeared to be imminent. Marna had hesitated about employing such weapons before, because she did not wish to take the edge off them too soon in the combat.



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