Miss Silver series (15 books) by Patricia Wentworth


The 15 top books Miss Silver series by Patricia Wentworth.


Miss Silver series – 15 top books by Patricia Wentworth.

Miss Silver series – featured in 32 novels by British novelist Patricia Wentworth.

Wentworth wrote a series of 32 crime novels in the classic whodunit style, featuring Miss Maud Silver, a retired governess and teacher who becomes a professional private detective, in London, England. Miss Silver works closely with Scotland Yard, especially Inspector Frank Abbott, and is fond of quoting the poet Tennyson. She sometimes compared to Jane Marple, the elderly detective created by Agatha Christie.

“Miss Silver is well known in the better circles of society, and she finds entree to the troubled households of the upper classes with little difficulty. In most of Miss Silver’s cases there is a young couple whose romance seems ill fated because of the murder to be solved, but in Miss Silver’s competent hands the case is solved, the young couple are exonerated, and all is right in this very traditional world.”

We offer you the 15 top books Miss Silver series:

  1. Miss Silver Deals With Death, aka Miss Silver Intervenes.
  2. The Clock Strikes Twelve.
  3. She Came Back, aka The Traveller Returns.
  4. Dark Threat, aka Pilgrim’s Rest.
  5. Spotlight, aka Wicked Uncle.
  6. Eternity Ring.
  7. The Ivory Dagger.
  8. Anna, Where Are You, aka Death at Miss Silver.
  9. The Silent Pool.
  10. The Vanishing Point.
  11. The Benevent Treasure.
  12. The Gazebo, aka The Summerhouse.
  13. The Listening Eye.
  14. Poison in the Pen.
  15. The Girl in the Cellar.


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