Murder Point by Coningsby W. Dawson


When Spurling killed Mordaunt, did he know she was a woman?
As she passed for a man in Alaskan mining camps, one can understand that Spurling might have shot her under a misapprehension as to her sex.

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Doubt and perplexity over this matter cause much trouble in the mind of Granger, who left Spurling and Mordaunt hunting gold in Alaska, and came to Keewatin. If Spurling knowingly shot a woman, then vengeance must be had, particularly since Granger knew Mordaunt was a woman, and had fallen in love with her. On the other hand, if Spurling thought she was a man, it did not matter so much. Granger is further puzzled as to whether or not he should marry a certain half-breed girl, named Peggy. He owes it to her, but he remembers that with a squaw, wife he can never return to England and civilization.


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