Revolution of 1950 by Stanley G. Weinbaum


This story is also known as ‘The Revolution of 1960.’


This story is also known as ‘The Revolution of 1960.’

State soldiers poured out of the other cars, and cautiously approached the piazza. Also roly-poly Sim Baldwin, tall Phil Nordstrom, chunky Godfrey Cabot, and others of Adams’ old crowd. Even Giuseppe Albertino, the peanut man.
Studiously ignoring Lincoln’s inflamed words, Adams casually remarked, ‘Hello, fellows! Meet my fiancee, the girl whom I called ‘Mary Calvert’. Her real name is Helen Jeffers.’ Adams chuckled. ‘I told you fellows that I’d get her in the end. And doesn’t this explain a lot of things, Liam, which were puzzling you? For example, why the Dictator gave her and me a pass out of Washington, and why I was so anxious to keep her identity a secret, until peace was concluded.’


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