The Rival Brothers by May Agnes Fleming


First published (New York, 1864) with title: The twin sisters, or, The wronged wife’s hate.


Rival Brothers first published in New York, 1864 with title: The twin sisters, or, The wronged wife’s hate.

Rival Brothers Excerpt:
The drear and dark December day was ending in a drearier and darker evening. A bitter frost blackened the earth, wrathful clouds blackened the sky. Leafless trees rattled their skeleton-arms in long, and lamentable blasts. The river rolling along, turbid and troubled, tossed its black surges and moaned dismally up on the black sands. Everything looked ghastly and dismal, in the gray, spectral twilight; the lonely little river-side village lying lifeless under the gaunt, stripped trees; the long, lonesome country-road, winding in and out among deserted fields and soddy marshes. The bleak hills in the background, and the bleaker sandy level in the foreground. The solitary little way-station, on whose platform a red light burned.

May Agnes Fleming (November 15, 1840 – March 24, 1880) was a Canadian novelist. She was “one of the first Canadians to pursue a highly successful career as a writer of popular fiction.”
Mrs. Fleming’s stories are growing more and more popular every day. In her novels, flashes of wit, constantly varying scenes. The interesting plots to places this author in the very first rank of Modern Novelists.