Sherry by George Barr McCutcheon


George Barr McCutcheon (1866-1928) was an American popular novelist and playwright. His best known works include the series of novels set in Graustark, a fictional East European country, and Brewster’s Millions, which was made into several films.

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Strict adherence to a promise not to drink did not deprive him of the right to indulge in other dissipation. Well-supplied with money, he went through college without learning the first thing about its value. He acquired a great deal of utterly useless knowledge about the things that made of him a Bachelor of Arts, and failed significantly to learn how to make anything else of himself. A native brightness aided him in getting through without a great deal of study. Only at examination periods was it necessary for him to labour seriously; the remainder of the time he took life easily and found it agreeable. He acquired no grasp on self-dependence, no initiative aside from that which had to do with pleasure, no symptom of a real purpose in life.


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