The Silver Skull by S. R. Crockett


This is one of a number of swashbuckling historical novels written by a Scottish author popular in the 1890s.


Silver Skull – historical novel by S. R. Crockett.

Silver Skull – ” For a good Scotch story, faithful to locality and quaint neighborhoods, in its every particular, commend us to S. R. Crockett.”


“THE SILVER SKULL” is the result of two circumstances, both happy in themselves. What the conjunction may have brought forth I do not know.
It was my good fortune in my youth to spend a great deal of time in Italy. For many years it was the only foreign land I knew well. The little way-side inns, the hill-set towns, tower-crowned and battlemented, and the white farmhouses. The brown shepherd’s shelters, and the swarthy fisher-folk of Adna. The red-lipped saucy-eyed maidens by the fountains were to me romance itself.

In those days it was my fortune to meet with the sons of the men who had fought the government forces and Gaetano Vardarelli and had taken Mocus captive among the ruins of Paestum. As one rode from Agropoli southward, armed men would come suddenly out upon the road with a demand for a password. A pistol was pointed at my breast in open daylight on the street of Monreale.


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