Tama of the Light Country by Ray Cummings


A startling novel of the conflict with Mercury. The smallest world of the solar system, which harbors a terrifying secret.


Tama – Light Country — A startling novel of the conflict with Mercury.

Tama – Light Country – A terrifying secret of the smallest world of the solar system.

Ten years have passed since independent astronaut Guy Palisse disappeared in his prototype rocket. Suddenly UFOs are sighted all over North America, and young women begin vanishing. People are found dead, apparently shot with a weird heat-ray weapon. Police shoot down one of the “invaders” only to find that their victim is a young girl with wings who gasps “warn you…” as she dies. Who is she, and what is the connection with Guy Palisse? Find out and discover the civilization of Mercury and its bizarre customs in this thrilling romantic adventure.

The Light Country

The Light Country, this that band of Mercury between one side, always facing the sun, and the dark side, eternally cold. The story is two parts, one on Earth, which experiences a raid on a girls camp in Maine. Ten girls are missing. A couple of more killed along with some councilors, and tales of bright lights and fast moving objects.

Jack Dean, reporter, investigates word leaks out. A young woman Rowena Palisse, the sister of guy Palisse, a man who’d blasted off Earth ten years before in his own moon-rocket.

A short dust-up with three beings that try to grab Rowena ends with one dead. A slight young girl with wings dying, and a large figure escaping. The winged girl mentions “give warning” as she dies.

The second part of the story comes with a cylinder spotted in orbit around earth, the orbit decaying. Dr. Grenfell, Rowena’s guardian, had built a ship that defies gravity. They take off pick the cylinder up before it can burn up upon touching Earth’s atmosphere. Therein, the find papers from-Guy Palisse- explaining how he ended up on Mercury. About how he discovering that people lived there, the women winged, his adventures, and a warning to Earth of the inhabitants of the Cold Country, the back side, and their aims toward earth.


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