The Call of the Varsity by Gilbert Patten


The 1920 1st edition (with this title listed as the last one in the “College Life” series).


William George Gilbert Patten (1866 1945), a writer of dime novels, was best known as author of the Frank Merriwell stories, written under the pen name Burt L. Standish.

Already the hole was deep enough, although very little of it was of Boltwood’s own digging. To be sure, Gray had led off with a safety, but in his eagerness to make a double play, Furbush, covering third, had fumbled Packford’s grounder, and then, realizing that he could not get the runner at second, had thrown wide to first, pulling Rollins off the cushion. Both men were safe, and the Amherst crowd, feeling hope spring into life at last, woke up and cheered wildly. They hoped and prayed for a break.


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