The Foreign Spy by William Le Queux


The spy novel. A Story of a Matter of Millions.


The spy novel. A Story of a Matter of Millions.

After all the storms and perils of the past, our lives are now indeed full of a calm, sweet peace. In our own comfortable lit house, with its trellised porch covered roses and honeysuckle, that faces the by Channel at St. Margaret’s Bay, beyond Dover, we lead a life of mutual trust a boundless love. We are supremely content—the happiest pair in all the world, think.

Often as we sit together at evening gazing out upon the great ships passing darkly away into the mysterious afterglow our hands clasp mutually in a silence me eloquent than words, and as we gaze is each other’s eyes there occurs to us to Divine injunction : “ Whom God ha joined, let no man put asunder.”


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