The House of Defence by E. F. Benson


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It is a spiritualistic story. Mr. Benson sets part of his story in the East, and part in London, and tells it in a manner to keep the reader wide awake and interested to the end”. Not found in Hubin despite the “thriller” aspects of the novel and the theme of opium addiction.

An interesting contribution to the literature of the Christian Science controversy. The milieu of the tale is the very best society, and admirers of Mr. Benson’s novels need not be afraid that the subject of his story hinders him from giving many bright examples of the kind of irresponsible chatter of which he is master.
~Morning Post, quoted in endpapers of Sheaves

It appeals to two sides of the reading public’s heart at once. It interests people in the story, and it makes them wonder for the hundredth time “how much there really is in Christian Science.” It is a fine book, and an interesting one.
~Evening Standard, quoted in endpapers of Sheaves


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