The Lane That Ran East and West by Algernon Blackwood


Horor tale by Algernon Blackwood.


Horor tale by Algernon Blackwood.

Algernon Blackwood, one of the greatest masters of weird fiction in literary history. There is an extraordinary unity in the work of this great author. All his books deal with the strange, supernatural, terror, macabre, other-worldly.

She had the curious feeling that she remained young. Others grew older, but not she. She watched her contemporaries slowly give the signs, while she herself held stationary. Even those younger than herself went past her, growing older in the ordinary way, whereas her heart, her mind, even her appearance, she felt certain, hardly aged at all. In a room full of people she felt pity often as she read the signs in their faces, knowing her own unchanged. Their eyes were burning out, but hers burned on. It was neither vanity nor delusion, but an inner conviction she could not alter.


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