The Untamed by Max Brand


First in a series of a Man, a horse and dog.

The mysterious Whistlin’ Dan Barry rides a black stallion named Satan, followed by a wolf dog named Black Bart. Dan has his own problems, but they multiply when he encounters Jim Silent and his outlaw gang.

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A tale of the West, a story of the Wild; of three strange comrades,–Whistling Dan of the untamed soul, within whose mild eyes there lurks the baleful yellow glare of beast anger; of the mighty black stallion Satan, King of the Ranges, and the wolf devil dog, to whom their master’s word is the only law,–and of the Girl.

Brand’s career as an author of Westerns began with this tale set in an otherworldly Wild West, which first appeared as a serial in All-Story magazine and was soon transformed into a film starring Tom Mix.


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