Triple Spies by Roy J. Snell


A mystery story for boys by Roy J. Snell.


Triple Spies — A mystery story for boys.

As Johnny Thompson stood in the dark doorway of the gray stone court-yard he shivered. He was not cold, though this was Siberia-Vladivostok-and a late winter night.

Before him, slipping, rolling over and over on the hard packed snow of the narrow street. Two men were gripped in a life and death struggle. They had been struggling thus for five minutes, each striving for the upper hand. The clock in the Greek Catholic church across the way told Johnny how long they had fought.

He had been an accidental, and entirely disinterested witness. Knew neither of the men, had merely happened along just when the row began. And had lingered in the shadows to see it through. Twelve, yes, even six months before, he would have mixed in at once, that had always been his way in the States. Not that he was a quarrelsome fellow, on the contrary he was fond of peace. Was Johnny, in spite of the fact that. Johnny carried on his person various medals for rather more-than-good feather-weight fighting. He loved peace so much that he was willing to lick almost anyone in order to make them stop fighting. That was why he had joined the American army.



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