The White Invaders by Ray Cummings


Out of their unknown fourth dimensional realm materializes a horde of White Invaders with power invincible.


White Invaders — Out of unknown fourth dimensional realm materializes a horde of White Invaders.

White Invaders – A science fiction novel by Ray Cummings.

It was an invasion from another dimension. A young boy told Don Livingston that he’d seen what he thought was a ghost. Don could only chuckle at the young man, to whom he gave assurances that ghosts were far from real. However, to prove the boy wrong, and perhaps even out of a strangely compelling sense of curiosity, Livingston and one of his pals checked out the distant hill where the boy had seen his apparition.

The boy had described it – “a ghost that had floated toward him and passed through a rock.” Livingston, with shotgun in hand, soon discovered he wasn’t dealing with a ghost.

Nor was it a wild animal. Don Livingston discovered that he was facing the very real threat of an invasion from another realm—the fourth dimension. These were “The White Invaders.”


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