The Wife’s Victory And Other Nouvellettes by Mrs. Southworth


Lovely and very rare antique book by Mrs Emma D. E. N. Southworth.


Wife’s Victory – Lovely and very rare antique book by Mrs. Southworth.

Wife’s Victory Contetns:
The Wife’s Victory
The Married Shrew: A Sequel To The Wife’s Victory
Sybil Brotherton or, The Temptation
The Irish Refugee
Eveline Murray or, The Fine Figure
The Three Sisters or, New Year In The Little Bough-cast House
Annie Grey or, Neighbours’ Prescriptions
Across The Street, A New Year’s Story.

The author does not know how, better to introduce this book to her friends. He does not know than by telling them short history.

The nouvellettes that form the collection were written—each to illustrate. That distinct principle of Christian ethics or social philosophy.

The first productions of the author’s pen the composed in the midst of sickness, privation, toil, and great sorrow. Her apology for their numerous imperfections.

They welcomed, extensively copied by the literary and Christian journals. Their publication in book form has called for, her excuse for now collecting and presenting them in this manner.




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