With Juliet In England by Grace S. Richmond


This Charming Early Romance Novel tells of Juliet Marcy Robeson visits England and is Chaperon to Diantha Brown a vivacious young lady from the States!


A charming story in which Juliet Marcy Robeson, one of Mrs. Richmond’s most lovable diameters, reappears. Juliet, visiting England for a while, is chaperon to Diantha Browne, a vivacious young lady from the Western States. The love adventures in England of Diantha and her friend Agnes Gilbert art? amusingly interwoven with the account of their visits to Torquay.

A wonderful Snapshot of life in the 1930’s from a time when Romance Novels for Women were new and daring!

Grace S Richmond was a well known romance novelist in the 1930’s, her books included, ‘The Indifference of Juliet’, ‘Midsummers Day’, ‘Cherry Square’, ‘Bachelors Bounty’ and many more.


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