You Will Never Be the Same by Cordwainer Smith


Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in one of the treasures of science fiction.


You Will Never Be the Same (1963) is the title of Cordwainer Smith’s first collection, and for once the title was not an instance of a publisher making empty noises. The reader will be entering a distant future world with strange place names like the Up-and-Out, Old North Australia, Alpha Ralpha Boulevard, and Raumsog. Some of the characters are Scanners, Pinlighters, a planoform Go-Captain, a fiery cat girly-girl, robot doctors, and a Mark Elf. The whole business is run by the Instrumentality, which at one time was headed by by Lord Wait but later by Lord Jesticost and Lady Alice More.

• No, No, Not Rogov!
• The Lady Who Sailed The Soul
• Scanners Live in Vain
• The Game of Rat and Dragon
• The Burning of the Brain
• Golden the Ship Was — Oh! Oh! Oh!
• Alpha Ralpha Boulevard
• Mark Elf.


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